Ioannis Paraskevakos


I am a fifth year PhD student at Rutgers University and a member at RADICAL Lab.

Before my PhD studies, I acquired an engineering diploma (5-year studies) in Computer Engineering and Informatics, and a Master of Science in Integrated Hardware and Software Systems. I also worked for three and a half years as an IC Design Engineer at Analogies SA, an IP Semiconductor Company in Greece.

My research focuses on providing data-intensive capabilities on HPC for analyzing data from Scientific simulations, through abstraction, architectures and middleware. My research interests include High Performance Computing, Task Parallel Applications and Architectures, Distributed System Communication Protocols, and Distributed Data Abstractions.

Currently, I am involved in two projects, MIddleware for Data-Intensive Analytics and Science (MIDAS) and Imagery Cyberinfrastructure and Extensible Building-Blocks to Enhance Research in the Geosciences (ICEBERG). In addition, I regularly contribute to several RADICAL-Cybertools projects.


Some of my recent publications include:


Ioannis Paraskevakos
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