Campus Compute Cooperative (CCC)

Project figure
NSF Award 1747813

This project elaborates a plan to construct the Campus Compute Cooperative (CCC), a shared cyberinfrastructure as well as a social fabric. CCC will: (i) connect and federate campus physical infrastructures; (ii) use market-based mechanisms for resource allocation and quality of service to avoid the “tragedy of the commons”; (iii) leverage InCommon and local identity management systems to provide federated authentication and authorization to resources; (iv) facilitate secure data and storage sharing between institutions and research labs; (v) offer “cloud bursting” to member institutions; and, (vi) provide paid-for, differentiated quality of service. In this way, CCC will both accelerate discovery and provide a research cyberinfrastructure with better cost/benefit by rationally and securely sharing the limited computational and human resources available for research enterprise.