RADICAL Cybertools (RCT) - Scalable, Interoperable and Sustainable Tools for Science

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NSF Award 1440677

RADICAL Cybertools (RCT) are an abstractions-based suite of software modules designed to support scalable, interoperable and sustainable science on a range of high-performance and distributed computing infrastructure. RCT build upon important theoretical advances, software development best practices, and carefully-analyzed usage and programming models. RCT play a role in grand-challenge problems, ranging from personalized medicine and health to understanding long-term global and regional climate. All software developed through the project is open source, licensed under the MIT License (MIT), and available on GitHub. The four main RCT modules are: RADICAL-SAGA (RS), RADICAL-Pilot (RP), RADICAL Ensemble Toolkit (EnTK), and RADICAL-Analytics (RA).