I am a PhD student at Rutgers ECE Department and a research assistant at Radical Lab. I am studying on high throughput computing for ensemble-based applications and to analyze complex biomolecular interactions.

I earned my M. Phil and M.Eng degrees from CUNY City College in 2017 and my B.S. degree from Middle East Technical University in 2005, all in Electrical Engineering. At CUNY City College, I worked on AI methods to compute personalized disease progression and for drug efficacy analysis.

After earning my Master degrees, I took practical trainings at industrial and research institutions. First, I was employed for a Sr. Data Scientist position at Neustar, Inc. from 9/17 to 3/19, and then I worked as a Computational Biologist at UVa Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Department from 3/10 to 7/19. I have joined Radical Lab in August 2019. I am currently a teaching and a graduate Assistant at Rutgers ECE Department.