Welcome to RADICAL Thinking

The Research in Advanced Distributed Cyberinfrastructure and Applications Laboratory (RADICAL) works at the triple point of Computing, Computation & Data-enabled Science and Cyberinfrastructure Research & Development. See our Projects Pages for some exciting examples of the projects we are working on.

The development of high-performance and distributed cyberinfrastructure – tools, middleware and frameworks – to support computational science has historically been characterized by local and point solutions; tools are often unsustainable whilst many solutions are redundant. This state-of-practice points to missing abstractions, design principles and systems engineering concepts for high-performance distributed cyberinfrastructure. The RADICAL (Research in Advanced Distributed Cyberinfrastructure and Applications Laboratory) team addresses these shortcomings by contributing to the science-of-cyberinfrastructure. A science-of-cyberinfrastructure provides a pathway to translate theoretical advances and conceptual abstractions into cyberinfrastructure developed as an engineered system which provides the required balance of functionality, performance and usability.

In addition to cyberinfrastructure research and development, RADICAL is engaged in using advanced cyberinfrastructure to address a diverse set of challenging science & engineering problems at scale, ranging from biomolecular sciences to polar science and high-energy physics. The RADICAL team is also engaged in understanding fundamental and advanced computing concepts to enable advances in scientific computing at scale.

We develop RADICAL-SAGA (in python) and SAGA-based Pilot-Job (RADICAL-Pilot/BigJob) amongst other RADICAL Cybertools — a repertoire of tools and capabilities that enable the scalable, extensible and interoperable utilization of regional, national and international production distributed cyberinfrastructure. RADICAL members lead the SAGA project – a global distributed computing standard, used by many applications, tool-developers and production distributed computing infrastructures.

RADICAL RCT shantenu.jha@rutgers.edu