Welcome to RADICAL Thinking

The Research in Advanced Distributed Cyberinfrastructure and Applications Laboratory (RADICAL) is interested in Cyberinfrastructure Research & Development,  Computation & Data-enabled Science & Engineering  and many fundamental and theoretical aspects of Computing. See Projects Pages for some exciting examples of the projects we are working on. In addition to cyberinfrastructure research and development, RADICAL is engaged in using advanced cyberinfrastructure to address challenging science & engineering problems at scale.  RADICAL members lead the SAGA project — a global distributed computing standard, used by many applications, tool-developers and production distributed computing infrastructures. We develop RADICAL-SAGA (in python) and SAGA-based Pilot-Job (RADICAL-Pilot/BigJob) amongst other RADICAL Cybertools — a repertoire of  tools and capabilities that enable the scalable, extensible and interoperable utilization of regional, national and international production distributed cyberinfrastructure.  RADICAL is also engaged in understanding fundamental and advanced computing concepts to enable advances in scientific computing at scale.