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RADICAL Cybertools

RADICAL members are responsible for a standards-based and an abstractions based approach to high-performance distributed computing, including SAGA – its implementation, deployment and standardization efforts, as well as the many  associated projects in cyberinfrastructure research and development, computational science and computing research.

Cyberinfrastructure Projects

  • Cyberinfrastructure and Cyberinfrastructure-based Science & Engineering:
    • Extending National Cyberinfrastructure (ExTENCI)
    • Standards-based Cyberinfrastructure for Hydrometrogical Modeling (SCIHM)
    • Large-Scale Replica-Exchange on National Production Cyberinfrastructure: An NSF Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) Project
    • ExTASY: Supporting Scalable Approaches to Large Ensembles – Molecular Simulations

D3 Projects

  • D3 Science and Distributed Data-Intensive Science

Projects on Distributed Computing Abstractions

Computational Science Projects

  • Computational Science/Biology Projects:
    • Nucleic Acid Transport through Protein Nanopore
    • Riboswitch

Acknowledgements: Our work is funded by different sources including NSF, DOE and faculty start-up funds (SJ)  at Rutgers University. Previous funding sources included UK-EPSRC, US-NIH and resources CCT at LSU.