Learning Neural Markers of Schizophrenia Disorder Using Recurrent Neural Networks

Jumana Dakka, Pouya Bashivan, Mina Gheiratmand, Irina Rish, Shantenu Jha and Russell Greiner

PaperAbstract. Smart systems that can accurately diagnose patients with mental disorders and identify effective treatments based on brain functional imaging data are of great applicability and are gaining much attention. Most previous machine learning studies use hand-designed features, such as functional connectivity, which does not maintain the potential useful information in the spatial relationship between brain regions and the temporal profile of the signal in each region. Here we propose a new method based on recurrent-convolutional neural networks to automatically learn useful representations from segments of 4-D fMRI recordings. Our goal is to exploit both spatial and temporal information in the functional MRI movie (at the whole-brain voxel level) for identifying patients with schizophrenia.